chic thrills me...

everytime im on that sewing machine i always have thoughts like 'why did i choose fashion?','fashion is crap i blame god for giving me this ridiculous passion','FRIG! this is hard' head is always spinning but once i accomplish the desired result i always feel like im the frigging best and the whole world will bow to my work someday.cant wait to be the best .

chic thrills me.chic is the reason for living....

Friday, February 18, 2011

ok...sewing class...

hey chic ones.i'm sooo happy today,just had my first sewing lesson and wow wow i loved it.i've always wanted to be on that sewing machine since the age of 12 and everything just clicked.(  was a lil hard at first  but moi and my chic hands finally got it right).it was very exciting.

ok i kinda get it,this post is a bit boring.of coz you guys dont wanna know about my sewing(ah silly me!)...lets talk about fashion......lets talk chic.

first let me give you a taste of my take on fashion.i love couture with all my heart and's the reason i'm studying fashion.however i love pret-a-porter aka ready to wear and i just wanted to post a frock by the incredible John Galliano.this is the best RTW jazz i've ever seen,i know the collection is a lil old,but  j'adore this chic so much that i've dreamt about it a couple of times.John Galliano is the best,he is the frigging best and i know i'll get to work for him someday(later about my adoration for monsieur Galliano).but just view this......................doesn't it trigger your chic spirit?  ahhh it makes my heart beat fast

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