chic thrills me...

everytime im on that sewing machine i always have thoughts like 'why did i choose fashion?','fashion is crap i blame god for giving me this ridiculous passion','FRIG! this is hard' head is always spinning but once i accomplish the desired result i always feel like im the frigging best and the whole world will bow to my work someday.cant wait to be the best .

chic thrills me.chic is the reason for living....

Monday, February 21, 2011

how i heart DIOR

ok you guys should visit this url to check on the CHRISTIAN DIOR haute couture 2009/2010 fall/winter collection

i know this is an old collection (silly me and my love for old yesteryear collections) but  i really can't forget this was luxury and elegance at it's best ...i think Galliano revisited the old DIOR new look times perfectly.the venue looked exactly like 30 Avenue Montaigne,Monsieur Dior's first boutique where all the magic manifested.and the story of this collection took me exactly to the Dior times.the models looked exactly like Christian Dior's personal favourite models (with all thick lashes and brows and of course the Im-a-wealthy,luxurios bitch walk  and poses).John galliano is a genius just like his predecessor was pure magic....

j'adore this chic.

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  1. bonjour mister chic. i jus took my glam goddes tym 2 view ur blog via my mobile n i hv 2 say ur quite a remarkable fashionista. kp spreadn the wrd of fashn. n 4rm 1 fashn lover 2 anatha je dore u!