chic thrills me...

everytime im on that sewing machine i always have thoughts like 'why did i choose fashion?','fashion is crap i blame god for giving me this ridiculous passion','FRIG! this is hard' head is always spinning but once i accomplish the desired result i always feel like im the frigging best and the whole world will bow to my work someday.cant wait to be the best .

chic thrills me.chic is the reason for living....

Friday, April 1, 2011

SOUTH AFRICAN FASHION light bulb is finally on...uhm....yay.

SOUTH AFRICAN FASHION light bulb is finally on...uhm....yay...

hey chic folks.....i feel so light and fresh,wanna know why?  holidays holidays.yeppie,in the next eleven days i won't have to worry about varsity fashion deadlines and projects.well my relationship with the sewing machine is growing greatly,we are starting to bond very well.i really am frigging home.

Uhm...K lets move on.....the whole fashion universe must watch out for South African fashion.i'm not saying such because i'm South African but in the past years i've been perceiving S.A fashion as the crappiest,funniest,amateurish(what the heck?) , and the most disgusting and horrible thing i've ever seen in my entire life.but in my early teens i developed a dream,a dream to rescue not only menswear fashion but the whole S.A fashion industry.i had a belief that once i acquire all the necessary skills needed for the fashion industry then BOOOM i was gon' put S.A fashion on the map,but lil did i know that a lil chic fashion designer by the name of Stiaan Louw would man-up and take on this chic mission.i loved the collection that you see on the images above.Louw's work is grand,his creativity is awesome.i love the fact that he is going beyond the boring S.A fashion bound (now i can just obtain my fashion qualifications and move straight to Paris).a lot of South African designers are starting to let their creative juices flow.i like i like. take a chic peek at the menswear collection images above.born and bred from South Africa chic babe.

chic chic

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