chic thrills me...

everytime im on that sewing machine i always have thoughts like 'why did i choose fashion?','fashion is crap i blame god for giving me this ridiculous passion','FRIG! this is hard' head is always spinning but once i accomplish the desired result i always feel like im the frigging best and the whole world will bow to my work someday.cant wait to be the best .

chic thrills me.chic is the reason for living....

Friday, April 29, 2011

Miss Skinny exits,Miss Wide is the new Chic.

yes it's time to wish the skinny pants a very chic goodbye.they"ve been such good girls(and guys) in the past several years.but the time is come to let them go.after all fashion is about innovation so we always rejoice when new trends and silhouettes manifest coz that's always a sign that fashion is evolving  or something like that.we've been in love with the skinny pants for quite a while now.and for us creative and chic fashion folks it's a sin to allow a certain trend to go beyond it's time span.the skinnies were tres wonderful,we all loved them but i had started loathing the sight of them especially on as chic folks we dont stagnate in fashion,we always have to evolve,that's what fashion is for.
fashion is a matter of the heart and it's an emotional issue for us chic folks.we don't like getting stuck,stagnation depresses us very greatly....
so now you ask me...what's nudging the skinnies away?.....well well it's the re emergence of the super wide legs....BANG!
j'adore the wide leggies,to tell you the truth,i've been longing for them to come back for a very long time.there's something tres special about them.they're just one of those irresistable chic thingies,more breezy and roomy.(and of coz women must try to have them more wider and flarey than they were yesteryear,extra volume is the future) and i love how they magically elongate women's bodies.
but we hope that the skinnies will come back in the next 50 years as the vintagey,trendless and unmovable chic piece.we still love them but we just don't wanna wear them anymore.super wide leg pants are the chic way to go.


  1. This is bananas, Die,die, die! O.M.G I'm dying, I'm dying, shut-up, I just died!!
    What a fabulouse, creative and interesting blog. I'm literaly 6feet under as I write this. with complete adoration of a job well done. I salute to you Mister Chic. Je'teim.

  2. thank you thank you glam're awesome too.being acquianted with peope like you keeps me motivated.chic is the reason for living,chic rocks.
    keep the glam spirit.KISS!